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Can you win the million? I tried this quiz 100+ times with Quick Setting “‘Who Wants to be a Millionaire’-Style” and 15 questions and never got the million. The flags are just too similar 😕

At least I got better with the time, because of practising with all ~200 flags in “Learning” mode -> open


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All in all this quiz contains ~200 flags and explains how and why the flags look as they look – in different languages. Next to english also available in …
german “Nationalflaggen von Ländern weltweit”
spanish “Banderas nacionales de países de todo el mundo”
french “Drapeaux nationaux des pays du monde”
portuguese “Bandeiras nacionais de países em todo o mundo”
russian “Национальные флаги стран мира”

Image includes Source: Dbenbenn, Flag of the United States, PD