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Listen to different anthems all around the world and then guess the country. Starting with easy ones, like “Oh say can you see by the dawn early light” and then it gets quickly tough. Doing this quiz in learn mode I had many of the first 20 correct. All in all the quiz is asking for roughly ~100 national anthems.

In “‘Who Wants to be a Millionaire’-Style” it’s too hard, but you can try 😉 with  -> open


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All in all this quiz contains ~100 national anthems, shows sheets of music, pictures of the composer, gives background information – in different languages. Next to english also available in …
german “Nationalhymnen auf der ganzen Welt”
spanish “Himnos nacionales alrededor del mundo”
french “Hymnes nationaux des pays du monde”
portuguese “Hinos nacionais de países em todo o mundo”
russian “Государственные гимны стран мира”