Share and Open a Quiz With a Link

Sharing by browser URL or share button

A quiz can be shared by using the browser URL directly or via different share buttons. The used URL/link looks (internally) like that…,EN),*)
… and with this any quiz can be reached directly.

The links to indivual quizzes differ in the ending “#/QuizDetails(20,EN)”. The ending is a unique and stable identifier. This means the link can be shared with others and will always point to this quiz.

Passing a Search Field via URL – to the Random Quiz

For the ‘Random Quiz’,*) you can pass tags that will then be used for picking the questions – following only questions with the tag <Politics> will be shown:

Passing a Search Field via URL – to the ‘Explore Quizzes’ page

In the ‘Explore Quizzes’ screen you can use the search field to ‘Search on Id, Name, Description & Tags’. Then the list below will be update accordingly as well as the ‘Share Link’ and the URL. See below:

If you send this URL to someone else the receiving person will also see quizzes about rappers

If you add the parameter open like here the details page will be opened if exactly one quiz is found. If not the “Search Quizzes” page will be shown.

If you add the parameter openLearn like here the quiz opens for the receiving person in learning mode. Other possible values here are openSimple for SimpleQuiz and openWho for “Who Wants To be Millionaire”.