Search for a Quiz

‘Search Quizzes’

In general the best way for searching for a quiz is within the app via the menu entry ‘Search Quizzes‘. The following searches are possible. In case you don’t get hits, remove one or the other search or filter value:

  • Search for ...

    You can search for “Id, Name, Description & Tags” irrespective of lowercase or uppercase, but it always searches for the exact word, exacts words.

  • Filter for Language

    You can specify the languages for which you want to get quizzes. If you want all kinds of languages you can either check one or multiple languages. If you speficy multiple languages it means e.g. give me quizzes in english OR german.

  • Filter for Tags

    You can “Select topics via Quizzes tags”. Multiple tags are searched with an OR operator, e.g. give me back quizzes where the quiz contains #Movie or #Year1991.

  • Filter for Media

    You can filter by “Used media types”. Multiple selections are searched with an AND operator,

Other ways

Next to ‘Explore quizzes’ you might:

  • start the Random quiz and in there set the #Germany questions tag
  • search and browse through the homepage blog page and through the different social media channels