Known Issues

Script Loading Error


One of the following scripts needed on start of the Quizzing Bee App failed to load:

  • Scripts in the area of openUI5/sap-ui-core.js – the application is written with that technology. Problems with these scripts let the whole app fail.
  • Google Advertising Scripts – Advertising is displayed in the free app. By that, the effort of the app development, the creation of the questions and the running costs are covered.

Why couldn’t these scripts be loaded? A possible reason could be…

  • Activated ad blockers – iPhone apps like Adblock Focus downloaded from apple store or similar ones from play store. Equally installed extensions in the chrome browser like Adblock Plus have a similar effect.
  • Chrome/Safari/Firefox… website settings or modes (private, anonymous, …) blocking ads or productive app java script code
  • Using special ad blocking browsers like U Browser
  • Anti virus software that is directly or via plugin/extension influencing the browser behavior
  • You didn’t consent to the Individual Privacy Preferences

Please remove possible blocks and start the quizzingbee app again:

If the app still does not work, please contact us via

We hope that you can use our app and we would be delighted if you could support us by using the app with advertising and the “Remove advertising” function.
With that by fully watching an ad video, you will remove all ads from the application for 4 hours.

App opens without showing quizzes or questions


  • You are in “Random Quiz” and the “Start” button is disabled, since there are no questions found.
  • You are in “Search Quizzes” and the list is empty.


  • Enable all the “Question Languages” (in the menu under “Settings”)
  • Remove all filters
    • in “Random Quiz” you find these under “Settings” icon tab bar
    • in “Search Quizzes” you find these by clicking on the filter drop down button

More info on how to search you can under Search for a Quiz.