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Where does the name Quizzing Bee come from?

Quizzing means to examine or test (a student or class) informally by questions. Only by such checks you will know whether what you have learned is in place. The Bee in the name stands for a little servant that “guides” the user through the quiz. The Quizzing Bee serves and asks the contestant questions. The name Quizzing Bee is also inspired by the Spelling Bee (a competition in which contestants are asked to spell a broad selection of words).

What is the main purpose of Quizzing Bee?

The focus of Quizzing Bee is on learning. The functions of Quizzing Bee support this learning aspect:

  • Quizzing Bee asks questions on different topics in quiz style – the answers are multiple choice
  • Quizzing Bee offers targetted quizzing in the sense you can search for quizzes with a specific topic
  • you can send the direct link to a quiz or a question to others
  • results of the quiz are captured and you can repeat what was answered wrong
  • Quizzing Bee gives additional information to answers, so that you don’t only get the pure answer but also background information and can deepen your knowledge
  • sources of questions and answers are transparent which allows to check them, search for more information
  • there are different modi to play a quiz reflecting different kind of test situations

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